February 07, 2008

Fuck you Rowan Williams

Remember back when the Bishop of Rochester Dr Michael Nazir-Ali warned that parts of the UK where becoming no go areas to non-Muslims? Well the religion of peace extended its normal hand of friendship and the bishop is now having to live under police protection (thus proving him right). His boss was obviously not going to make that mistake. No, he thinks that Sharia is inevitable and that it will be a good thing to have two separate types of laws for the two separate types of citizens in this country, the Muslims and the Dhimmi. Yes I can really see how that will be just great for social cohesion.

It is understandable, if objectionable, for a religious leader to call for the barbaric laws required by their particular stupid superstition to be forced on people. However it takes a special type of moron to call for the barbaric laws required by a rival superstition to be imposed. He must therefore have somehow come to the conclusion that Sharia is actually a good thing. Let us for the moment assume that he hasn't accidentally suffocated himself will all the public hair sprouting from his face and become brain damaged, or rather more brain damaged than somebody must already be to believe that an invisible fairy in the sky talks to them, so if Sharia is so good what exactly is he advocating?

We already know that bigamy, while illegal for everybody else, is not just allowed but encouraged for Muslims however if one of your current harem is boring you and you fancy a really quick divorce to get a younger one? Under Sharia divorce is only ever as far away as the man saying "I divorce you" three times. How young? Well under Sharia you could follow the example of Muhammad and marry a 7 year old, but you would have to wait until she was nine before starting to have sex with her (possibly fucking a seven year old would have involved too much blood even for a lying, murderous, rapist like Muhammad).

However if four wives is not enough for you then under Sharia Law you could just find a woman you like the look of and rape her. Unless she can get four men witnesses to back up her side of the story there cannot be any legal repercussions against you. Under Sharia if she where stupid enough not to know her place and try to lodge charges for the rape then it could well be her that faces being beaten should she not get the required male witnesses.

Lets say you are satisfied, or just exhausted, with your four wives but it is your children that are causing you grief. If a young woman a gets brutally kill by her family for falling in love then that is murder, unless the murderers where Muslim in which case they could claim that under Sharia they where extracting a rightful punishment for her moral failings.

Or maybe your family is properly cowed under your despotic rule, but you happen to think that somebody might be homosexual and that intimidates you. No problem under Sharia, just call the police and have them killed.

The thing is that if anybody really does want to live under Sharia law then they are already perfectly at liberty to do so. They are perfectly at liberty to leave this country and find some barbaric shit hole that is more to their liking. There are plenty of third world shit holes that have Sharia law. If people want that then they are free to move, and every year many do. They move away from Sharia shit holes and move to the decadent west.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

chris is in my opinion correct .
i am an islamophobic .
islam scares me .
have to interface rub shoulders everyday with them in the city of london .
no i dont like the religion yes it scares me .
no one consults the british people about all of the immigrants ,asylum seekers ,ilegals and yes muslims that are coming into this small island .
we can send our own to far of shores yet fail to police our own country .
yes there are no go areas .
yes there is going to be a fucken disaster .

3:17 pm  

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